Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The "I just haven't met you yet" challenge

So! This is a completely off topic post - it's for the single ladies and men!

Most singles wish they could just find the "one" and sometimes do pretty silly things to seek for that special one! So... here's an idea, instead of giving your heart away countless of times, save your heart and take on the "I just haven't met you yet" challenge! (Kind of inspired by "I just haven't met you yet - Michael Buble").

Here's how it works...
1) Find yourself a cool notebook or just open up a Word doc on the computer.
2) Use that as your means of communicating to your special one.
For example, whenever you feel alone and really long for companionship - write a message, or whenever you've read something that's really inspired you - write a message!

Basically, through doing this challenge - you're saving yourself for that lucky one.  And instead of wasting your time, emotions and energy in the wrong relationships - you get to positively use your efforts and emotions!

The best part about this challenge is that one day when you marry that special person, you'll be able to give them the greatest gift of all! You've kept your heart pure and saved all the intimate parts about your life just for that one person.  You won't arrive at the altar with baggage from past relationships either!!

Trust me, this is the best thing! It's ultimately your choice, but I say... JUST DO IT!

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  1. hehe.. we were talking about this last night.

    You're awesome Elbe.