Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My first post!!!

I have been putting off making a blog for months now, and this is it. I'm doing it! I want to inspire those who read my words, I want to make you think about things and challenge you, I also want to just get out what's in my heart!

A dear friend has really inspired me to jump in the deep end.  Not in a silly way, but in a courageous way. And to be honest, I am getting tired of just dipping my toes in the water - I want to swim in the deep end and use all that's within me to keep afloat!   

If this life is the only one we get here on earth.... I want to make mine count. For His glory alone.

When I read over the words, "Instead, immense in mercy and with an incredible love, he embraced us", my mind goes on overload! Yet, while we were still sinners, God embraced us and poured out His love and mercy.... That is why I am making this blog. Because every single person deserves to know and EXPERIENCE the kind of love and mercy only God can give.

May you be blessed, inspired and incredibly joyful - knowing that God lavishly hands out the greatest gift of all, to and for all to have, and that greatest gift.... is grace.


  1. yay! first comment of the first post!
    Keep these coming girl, i want to hear it from you!
    i was reading about salvation today on an amazing site that just goes through alot of the intricate aspects of what salvation is- so good! and it really talks about how faith, not works, is the only thing that can bring us salvation, through god's grace. and heaps of stuff. really great stuff.
    here's the site if anyone's interested..

  2. amazing words!! so inspirational to not only hear that you're jumping in the deep end, but also to know that you are completely in love with your creator! i cannot wait to hear more, this will be an incredible blog. (the name is catchy too :D)

  3. ben, i think it is absolutely mindblowing to grasp the concept that salvation doesn't come from doing works, and only through grace alone! it's so cool! i'll check out the website thanks :)

    matt, thank you! i was a little worried about the name, but I got inspired by ephesians :) yippee! exciting days ahead...