Friday, September 10, 2010

God encounter

I was lying in bed one night and it was during a time where I felt distant from God. I simply asked God if He would talk to me even though I felt like He was unhappy with me.

His answer blew me away. He said "I am in admiration of you."


At first I was like, what does admiration even mean!? So I looked it up in the dictionary - as you do!

1 - a feeling of wonder, pleasure or approval
2 - the act of looking on or contemplating with pleasure
3 - wonder, astonishment

My God looks at me with pleasure, he approves of me, he's in wonder and astonishment of me..... How amazing is that? 

I was even more blown away when I read what the antonym of admiration is.... 

The opposite of admiration is condemnation.


Here I was thinking that God condemns me for my mistakes - but in one sentence he revealed to me how he truly saw me.

How great is our God!? He is so loving.  He delights in me. 

I pray that you will realise that God is in admiration of you too - he never condemns. Seriously, all glory to God! He is so good.