Friday, September 10, 2010

God encounter

I was lying in bed one night and it was during a time where I felt distant from God. I simply asked God if He would talk to me even though I felt like He was unhappy with me.

His answer blew me away. He said "I am in admiration of you."


At first I was like, what does admiration even mean!? So I looked it up in the dictionary - as you do!

1 - a feeling of wonder, pleasure or approval
2 - the act of looking on or contemplating with pleasure
3 - wonder, astonishment

My God looks at me with pleasure, he approves of me, he's in wonder and astonishment of me..... How amazing is that? 

I was even more blown away when I read what the antonym of admiration is.... 

The opposite of admiration is condemnation.


Here I was thinking that God condemns me for my mistakes - but in one sentence he revealed to me how he truly saw me.

How great is our God!? He is so loving.  He delights in me. 

I pray that you will realise that God is in admiration of you too - he never condemns. Seriously, all glory to God! He is so good.

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  1. hey elbe i remember this one.. its good as it appeals to most of us having faced that separation feeling at one time or another. Romans 3:23 - 'For all have fallen short of the glory of God.' Though every man will fail, God is true, and He will never fail.
    The certainty of all God’s promises rests on His character, not on our faithfulness. God’s plans and promises are certain, because of the One who promised. - Deffinbaugh.
    2 Timothy 2:13 'If we are faithless, He remains faithful; for He cannot deny Himself.'