Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Church

My Church 

It is vibrant.
It is alive.
It is in tune with God's heart.
It is attractive.
It has momentum.
It is influential.
It is just plain AWESOME!!! 

Many people complain about the loud music, the fancy lights and prosperity teaching... 

I love that my church is modern. I love that my church is thriving. Church was never meant to be boring and plain. God wants us to enjoy life, and what better way to do it in church with fellow followers!

My church is global. My church is national. My church is local. 
It meets the needs of people EVERYWHERE, regardless of their culture, background, age or gender. 

But the most important thing about my church is...

It carries the Message of Jesus Christ. 
There is an atmosphere of faith, hope and love.. Just as God desires for His church. 

You want to know where I go to church? 
Ask me. 
You don't want to not know about my church. 

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